Hi, I’m Len. I am a PhD student at Ghent University. In this blog, I try to bring my research to a somewhat broader audience, with figures, videos and animations that I cannot put into a paper.


My main research interests include:

  • Creative applications using deep learning (e.g. music synthesis), particularly with applications for electronic dance music,
  • Music information retrieval and music processing,
  • Unsupervised deep learning, representation learning.

Additionally, I am an active volunteer in the IAESTE organization, where I try to help building a world with more international collaboration and understanding between people and cultures.


  • Vande Veire, Len, and De Bie, Tijl. “From raw audio to a seamless mix: creating an automated DJ system for Drum and Bass.” EURASIP Journal on Audio, Speech, and Music Processing 2018.1 (2018): 13
  • Master’s thesis: “From raw audio to a seamless mix: an Artificial Intelligence approach to creating an automated DJ system.” (UGent, 2017)